Saturday, August 20, 2011

6 WAYS How To Get Rich From Blogs!!!

          Blog, everyone must have heard this word. At first the blog serves as a diary (diary) as the word came from, which is a weblog (online diary). Many people who write from personal experience on the blog. But in its development, now blogs are used for various activities, one of which is to Make Money. There are even some internet marketers who are willing to leave work konvesionalnya only to take care of their blog. Because of these blogs, they can generate income far greater than the income from a conventional job. How about you? Have you made money from blogs? Consider some ways to make money from blogs below.
Why use blogs?
Blogs have several advantages, among others: 1. Relatively easy to use by anyone. 2. Require easy maintenance costs. 3. Blog easily updated anytime, anywhere. 4. Blog is an interactive media that can be used for two-way communication. 5. Blogs are personal.
Method 1, Install third-party ads
- It may be PPC or PPI. - PPC (Pay Per Click), you will get paid every ad that you install when clicked by a visitor to your blog. ex: Google Adsense, Click Me, Gather Bloggers, Adsense Camp, etc.. - PPI (Pay Per Install), you will get paid every 1000 ads that appear on your blog. ex: Ad Brite.
Method 2, Sell Ad Space
- Can be a banner / image or text, - If you sell yourself, the price is up to you, usually depending on the popularity of blogs and the number of daily visitors. - If through a third party, the price can be determined, but there is a 50% discount for third parties. ex: BlogAds, ProjectWonderful, TextLinkAds, etc..
Method 3, Write Review
- Can be prodeuk review or site review. - If through a broker review: Outer + Pay per review ranging from $ 0,5 - 3 + Review must be in English + Ex: Sponsored Review Local + Pay per review starting from
$1.00 USD, - + Review can be in ENGLISH + Ex: Reviewmu - If offered directly: Pay per review could reach hundreds of dollars Terms of review depending on the assigned tasks, sometimes it is provided "template" it.
Method 4, Sells Products
- Can be their own products or affiliate products. For affiliates + Commission depending on sales + Ex: Amazon, ClickBank, PayDotCom For the product itself can be OnlineStore

5, Sells Service
- Can be just about any service. For example dadalah services to create a blog, graphic design services, translation services and other writings.
Method 6, Sells Blog
- Also known as a blog / site flipping, the way is as follows: A. create blog B. prepare a unique design C. content with a number of articles D. bring traffic F. SHELL with the price you want!

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