Saturday, August 20, 2011


            Dear Readers,I say thank you Because they have been willing to read the guideThis is simple. I hoped this could be a mini blogprovide benefits and can be a solution to the problemsduring this natural brother.There are many business opportunities on the internet, there are good and fastdeliver results, but not infrequently also slow or even totallynot generate profit.In any position you now ... .. 
The important thing is you have toremain convinced that the Internet business is a real business as a businessin general.However, an Internet business can provide income to the profitunlimitedwith a very minimal capital and versatile automatedcompared with conventional business in general in needcapital is not small and spend much time and effort.There are many ways to make money via the Internet, could be fromaffiliate marketing, Google adsense, the review of products, providingadvertising space and so on.All programs are good to follow and can producegreat profit for us, many marketers have been making a fortuneof the program, but not least also the marketers who havesquandered a golden opportunity was granted.Whichever program you follow ...One key that you should hold,What is it?Give the best for the visitors WEB / BLOG youThey are actually assets that would provide income continuesconstantly for us, made them as a king ready to serve youanytime. 
        One of the mistakes often made by internet marketers isthey can not establish good relationships with visitors, whoimportant for them is "get" much profit as possibleof their visit.This is evident from the following points: 

o  Too much hope and a little give, usually the waythem instant promotion to the bombastic wordsand do not usePre sell. 

o  Just look at the advantagesmoment, and do not see the termlong, pokonya if the sale occurs at that time ... yes alreadythey leave and go away.

o  Often do SPAMin the Promotion. 

o  Allowing visitors to come and go just asentering the web without taking their contact data.
Instead of the above methods can not make money for you, buthow are somewhat less effective when done, you shouldfollow what I will describe below.If you are serious and want your business running and durabledurable ... 

You should be able to establish good relationships with visitors.One effective way to establish good relationships withvisitors are usingEMAIL MARKETING. 
 Email marketing is an effective method for online marketing,where capital is needed very minimal but with potentialhuge profit, just a click away message will be sent to thousandspeople.

      There are basically two models of marketing via this EMAIL MARKETING: 

1.  Email marketing is a responsible and indeed requested, emailThis commonly calledOPT-IN MAIL. 

2.  Email Marketing irresponsible and unsolicited emailsis commonly calledSPAM.However I do not recommend the second way, because you willface many problems and did break the rules, this way cancause you will be reported to the email service providers, even ifYou enter a program, your account may be disabled.

 Therefore you should never use that way, becauseYour business will not last long, and it would be nice if youusing email marketing in the formOPT-IN MAILThis method is quite powerful to use, but can retrieve datacontact visitors who asked him ... also look more personal,In this way tend to be more polite thing to do.Instead of sending emails to people that we do not know thenoffer products that we market, we certainly will getmany complaints. This way can cause your membership maydisabled.

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