Friday, August 19, 2011

How to Join with Easy Google Adsense!

          Post this tutorial is based on the request of people who asked why he had signed up a few times but it still rejected by Google Adsense. may you can read for 100% Approved by Google adsense here

How to Apply Adsense is actually easy if you know how. But if you do not know how much you sign up, must have been rejected by Google Adsense.

Terms register Adsense is:
1. You must have a blog or website.
2. Your website must be English.
3. Create an email at

Follow this tutorial
    1. Create a new blog on blogspot or wordpress.
    2. Fill with 7 posts in English. Do I copy and paste articles english, well-fox changed little, let me not           discovered Google.
    3. Sign up in Google Adsense
    4. In the upper right, select the Indonesian, for easier next time you fill the registration form.
    5. Click on "register now"
    6. Fill formnya in good faith
       Especially for the 'Name of payee' fill in the name of the corresponding ktp, because if not then check     adsense can not be liquidated
    7. If success will all come out notices like this
adsense success
    8. Then you just waiting for an email notification about 1-2 days, if registration is received or not your adsense.

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