Friday, August 19, 2011

How to 100% APPROVED by Google Adsense!

         Maybe that is sought after by many people, but the reality is always rejected, because the TOS of Google Adsense is very burdensome prospective publisher (mainly from Indonesia).

Also, I still mess around with it disabled my Google Adsense account, when only active about 2 months, and already there are erning about $ 15. Hmm, Bored, indeed, but not so long ago time, I apparently can compensate bigger, I get a voucher 
40.00 from Google AdWords. * Can profit tripled *
Well, because the voucher limit only until August 15th, eventually I use to promote my sales blog, moga successfully added:)

Well, after that of course I tried to be a Google AdSense Publisher, after browsing to anywhere, I finally get how truly powerful, in just over two hours, my Google Adsense application approved instantly: D
Want to know how? back to the point!

Here I use the services to third parties. Once we have discussed about Google Adsense through IndyaRocks, but have to wait several days for approval, even once a week: (But this way, my Google Adsense account instantly approved within 2 hours!


    * Docstoc account Register here

    * Fill the data as complete as possible

    * Enter the email will become your email account Google Adsense

    * Upload files ebooks, either format. Pdf,. Doc,. Rtf (minimum of 10 ebook)

    * Docstoc Update your profile as complete as possible, (as possible to 100%)

    * Open your email, and follow the instructions of the email sent by Google Adsense Team, and input your data as complete as possible.

Well, now we are just waiting for approval from Google Adsense Team, regarding the application of our application to become a
Google Adsense Publisher, I just waited 2 hours, and immediately approved my application: D
Now this blog back can display Google ads, and hopefully not have been disabled again:)

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